A day after releasing a radio ad attacking Sen. John CornynJohn CornynThis week: Negotiators hunt for coronavirus deal as August break looms Frustration builds as negotiators struggle to reach COVID-19 deal Chamber of Commerce endorses Ernst for reelection MORE (R-Texas) for missing a vote on the bailout, MoveOn.org has blasted an email to its Texas members to fund raise off of it.

Dear fellow Texas MoveOn member,You're not going to believe this.

In the midst of an economic crisis caused largely by Wall Street greed, our senator skipped this week's vote on the stimulus plan so he could meet with

But what have the Republicans done? They've acted like it's just back to business as usual, where you try to score political points and play partisan games instead of working together to help regular Americans.

It's bad enough that every single House Republican voted against a bill that would create 3 to 4 million jobs at a time when we're losing a half-million jobs every month. But for someone not even to show up to cast their obstructionist "no" vote? It's insulting.

Just think: If you were one of the tens of thousands of Texans who lost their jobs in the last year, how would you like to hear that instead of doing his job, your senator was out wining and dining the same people who torpedoed our economy in the first place?

Let's make sure as many Texans hear this story as possible. We can't let Sen. Cornyn run off to Washington and New York and forget about us back here in Texas without paying a price. Chip in $25 today to help get this ad out there widely:


Thanks for all you do.