Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Palestinians victimized by Israel's incursion to Gaza are " a concentration camp" in a web video released this week.

"The Palestinians are virtually in a concentration camp," Paul said in a web video. "They have a few small missiles, but it's so minor compared to the firepower of Israel, who has nuclear weapons."

"To me, it's a pretty sad day for the whole world because it just means the whole idea of preemptive, preventative war is spreading," Paul added. "We should be on neither side. This is a conflict that has been going on not for decades, but for hundreds of years."

Paul said that the U.S. government will hold some of the moral responsibility for the recent fighting between Israel and the Palestinian territories, and said that the U.S. is a "participant" for generally supporting Israel in recent days.

Paul called on the government to reduce spending to finance a "world empire," and criticized proposed spending packages in the coming Congress for fueling a growing deficit.

Watch Paul's video here.