Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) had high praise Thursday for Rep. Rahm Emanuel's (D-Ill.) selection as White House chief of staff to President-elect Barack Obama.

Dodd said during a news conference that Emanuel was "a great choice" and that he has known the Illinois congressman for many years.

Here are more of Dodd's comments:
-I'm not really objective on this. I have a great fondness for him personally and I think he's as talented as he can be. He's a great choice.

-He knows Congress well, he's worked up here, he took the leadership position, he has the confidence of the Speaker, I know [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid thinks very highly of him very well, and obviously he knows the White House from his years with President Clinton.

-He and Barack Obama have a very good relationship going back a long time, so it touches on all the critical elements.

-The president-elect will be well-served with Rahm Emanuel.

-J. Taylor Rushing