Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.) wants the president to classify a television station run by Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Bilirakis introduced a House resolution last week that condemns the incitement of violence by the station Al-Aqsa, which is broadcast out of the Gaza Strip and aired a puppet show in March that depicted the stabbing of the President of the United States. The bill calls on the president to list Al-Aqsa as a "specially designated global terrorist."

The resolution also mentioned instances of incitement of violence by the Lebanese Al-Manar, Iranian Al-Alam, Iraqi Al-Zawra and Iraqi Al-Rafidayn.

If it passes, the resolution would call on the president to designate as global terrorists satellite providers that carried stations with the the terror group status. The bill's text notes that an Egyptian state-run provider, NileSat, carries Al-Aqsa.

Bilirakis's bill has 23 co-sponsors, only one of which -- Rep. Russ Carnahan (Mo.) -- is a Democrat.