Greg Sargent got his hands on an anti-card check newspaper ad set to print tomorrow:

The poll stats listed on the ad:

-74% of likely voters oppose the Employee Free Choice Act
-82% believe a secret ballot election is the best way to protect the individual rights of workers during union organizing elections.
-88% believe that a worker's vote should be kept private in a union organizing election.
-11% support Big Labor's card check agenda

It's no surprise that the angle of attack here involves preserving the secret ballot. Business supporters have focused on the democratic process as a cornerstone of their attack on EFCA, while labor supporters would like to shift the debate to the merits of being unionized and the struggle against business coercion. The poll numbers cited in the ad were likely in response to questions worded in the manner business prefers.

The ad is paid for by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace.