Israeli settlement leaders blasted President Obama's Cairo speech today, calling out "Hussein Obama" for repeating "Arab lies."

In a strongly worded statement, the Yesha Council, an organization representing municipal settlement councils in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, called on Netanyahu to repudiate Obama, who in the past has called for a halt to settlement building as a key step in the peace process.

From Haaretz:
"Today, the State of Israel is paying the price of its leaders' defeatism," Yesha Council said in a statement. "Hussein Obama gave priority to Arab lies, which have always been told with determination and daring, at the expense of the Jewish truth, which has been said in a weak and unconfident voice."

The council called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to emulate former prime ministers Begin and Shamir and "stand up like a proud Jew and reject Obama's fabricated history." Habayit Hayehudi chairman Daniel Hershkowitz said that Obama ignored the fact that the Palestinians have yet to renounce terror.