A traditional Spanish Christmas doll that shows President-elect Obama going to the bathroom has become an instant hit.

Obama now has his own caganer, which is a ceramic figure displayed during Christmas time in the Catalonia region of Spain. A caganer, which literally means "defecator," depicts someone with his pants down while relieving himself. It serves to lend some levity to Catalans' nativity scenes. It's become such an integral part of tradition that cities that have removed caganers from holiday displays were forced by public pressure to bring them back, according to Esquire. Caganers for virtually every public figure -- from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Bart Simpson -- can be bought.

One caganer vendor told The New Republic that the Obama doll has been selling at a record pace. Historic best-sellers have included ex-Barcelona soccer star Ronaldinho and a former vice president of Catalonia.

See a photo of the Obama doll at El Caganer which is selling it.