The Hill has obtained text of the agreement struck by U.S. and Iraqi Cabinet officials that requires all U.S. forces to leave Iraq by 2011.

The Cabinet of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki approved the deal Sunday. The pact, officially known as a Status of Forces Agreement, still needs approval from the Iraqi Parliament. The Bush administration had initially opposed a definite timetable for a troop withdrawal when negotiations over the deal began more than a year ago.

Here's the portion of the agreement that sets the withdrawal.

Article 24
Withdrawal of the United States Forces from Iraq

Recognizing the performance and increasing capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces, the assumption of full security responsibility by those Forces, and based upon the strong relationship between the Parties, an agreement on the following has been reached:

1. All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.

2. All United States combat forces shall withdraw from Iraqi cities, villages, and localities no later than the time at which Iraqi Security Forces assume full responsibility for security in an Iraqi province, provided that such withdrawal is completed no later than June 30, 2009.

3. United States combat forces withdrawn pursuant to paragraph 2 above shall be stationed in the agreed facilities and areas outside cities, villages, and localities to be designated by the JMOCC before the date established in paragraph 2 above.

4. The United States recognizes the sovereign right of the Government of Iraq to request the departure of the United States Forces from Iraq at any time. The Government of Iraq recognizes the sovereign right of the United States to withdraw the United States Forces from Iraq at any time.

5. The Parties agree to establish mechanisms and arrangements to reduce the number of the United States Forces during the periods of time that have been determined, and they shall agree on the locations where the United States Forces will be present.

The full text can be read after the jump.

Between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq
On the Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq and the Organization of Their Activities during Their Temporary Presence in Iraq


The United States of America and the Republic of Iraq, referred to hereafter as