Enjoy President Clinton, Trump supporters
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Many of my fellow conservatives have spent a great amount of time, effort, and typeface attempting to convince Trump’s followers that their support for The Donald is irrational.  They have noted that he is: not a conservative; corrupt; a liar; morally repugnant; a failure; etc.  

Sadly, this has had little to no effect.  Following Indiana’s primary results, Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee.  


So allow me to cut to the chase.  Trump’s supporters will very likely ensure the election of Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonThe Armageddon elections to come Poll: Trump leads 2024 Republican field with DeSantis in distant second The politics of 'mind control' MORE as our next president.  

Most Trump supporters claim they are supporting him because they are “mad as hell” (and aren’t going to take it anymore!) at the corrupt, “inside the beltway” politicians that have led to the downfall of our country and their hopes for success.  

However, by supporting Trump, they are ensuring that the dictionary definition of that very politician will become the next president of the United States.  

The only way Hillary Clinton could lose (and I don't think it’s likely – voters have repeatedly shown a willingness to forgive the Clinton's of any sin) is if she is indicted. 

Except she will not be indicted.  As much as he may dislike the Clintons, Obama doesn't want his legacy to include handing the White House to the Republicans for the next four to eight years. 

While some recent national polls show Trump nearing – or even above – 50 percent support amongst Republican primary voters, the idea that Trump could lose approximately half of Republicans and the vast majority of Democrats and still win the Presidency is beyond absurd. 

Those Republicans who don’t support Trump didn’t simply prefer another candidate, they virulently oppose Trump and most will never vote for him.  

And please don’t insult our intelligence with the suggestion that Trump could draw any significant support from minorities after the events in Chicago and Orange County and his many pronouncements on immigration.

This spells electoral disaster for Republicans come November. 

Understand this Trump supporters:  You are about to hand the White House to one of the weakest Democrat Presidential nominees since George McGovern, and likely deliver the Senate to the Democrats.  

As if that is not enough, you will almost assuredly reduce the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and in many state legislatures across the country.  

Even more importantly, your support of Trump will ensure that the Supreme Court will be controlled by liberals for years.

Cutting off your nose to spite your face may provide immediate gratification, but it tends to seem less prudent the next time you look in the mirror.  

Trump supporters will claim I am yet another corrupt, condescending, Washington insider attempting to protect the status quo.  

But if I were, wouldn’t I support a man who has made a living out of availing himself to the corrupt system his supporters claim to hate? 

For those of you who doubt the veracity of my argument, please visit your local library and look up:  Presidential election, 1992; Perot, Ross; and Clinton, William Jefferson.

Granted, Perot was a third party candidate.  But imagine how bad it would have been if Perot were the Republican nominee.  

As Shirley Bassey once noted, “…it's all just a little bit of History repeating.”  

Perot supporters ensured the first Clinton presidency. Trump supporters will ensure the second Clinton presidency.  

Kudos to Speaker Ryan and other Republicans who, as of yet, have refused to endorse Trump.  May they maintain their noble resistance and continue to put the good of the country first.

As for the argument that the Republican Party should bow to the will of the people, H.L. Mencken once noted that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”  

Enjoy President Clinton, Trump supporters.

Eric V. Schlecht is a writer and consultant who has worked on budget and economic issues in Washington, D.C., for more than 25 years. He has served in leadership offices in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.