As millions of Americans are now aware, Dr. George Tiller was assassinated in his church on Sunday, May 31st, 2009 because of his political beliefs and profession. Dr. Tiller provided legal abortions and his dedication to his profession, to the health and well-being of the women he cared for, cost him his life. I join President Obama, members of Congress, and millions of Americans in professing horror, shock, and sadness over this blatant act of terror. I hope that all residents of the 15th Congressional district – regardless of their personal stances on the issue of abortion – will join in opposing those who would seek to control the actions of women and doctors through the use of violent intimidation.

Abortion doctors and women’s clinics across this country which provide a range of women’s health services including abortion face threats and violent acts every day. I sincerely hope that in the wake of this terrible event, the Department of Justice and law enforcement agencies across this country take future threats directed toward women’s health providers seriously. Justice and the rule of law demand nothing less.

Please follow this link for more information on a Congressional Resolution condemning the murder of Dr. Tiller and other acts of violence in places of worship.