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Washington’s spending addiction

And when it comes to the economy, there is no bigger issue than creating jobs and putting Americans back to work. We are suffering through the worst jobs climate since the Great Depression. It is imperative that both parties and the president put aside the partisan attacks, roll up their sleeves, and work to revitalize the entrepreneurial spirit that has made our country great.

{mosads}Before coming to Congress, I was fortunate to serve 30 years in the private sector, creating thousands of jobs. I know what it means to hire new workers, balance budgets, and exercise fiscal discipline that keeps a business moving forward.

Visiting with local small businessmen and -women throughout our community, I am constantly reminded of one fundamental truth: Government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does. That’s why we need pro-growth policies that invigorate private sector expansion.  We can start with a simpler, fairer tax code and less bureaucratic red tape to allow small business to prosper.

I have introduced my own jobs plan in the U.S. House. My 10-point plan contains some of the following provisions:

  • Broadly restructure our corporate tax system in order to encourage businesses to keep their jobs in America, and bring new facilities and jobs here by making larger U.S. companies more globally competitive.
  • Repeal the new, heavy-handed requirement that all businesses buy health insurance for their workers. Government-mandated health insurance coverage is a job-killer.

  • Pass far-reaching legal reform that removes frivolous lawsuits from our court system. They slow down the justice system tremendously and also prevent legitimate claims from getting the attention they deserve.
  • Abolish overly burdensome paperwork requirements on employers that drive up costs while keeping job growth down. We don’t need to make it any harder than it already is for a business to grow and expand.

It’s time for Congress and the President to work together to rebuild the prosperous economy that was once the envy of the world.

Rep. Buchanan (R-Fla.) is a member of the House Ways & Means committee.


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