Unfortunately, over the last eighteen months, Washington has gone on a spending spree to the tune of nearly $8,000 per person – an increase of $4.9 billion per day – the highest rate of growth in our history. We must start cutting spending, and we must start now, which is why over the past month, Republicans have forced the House of Representatives to vote on more than $100 billion in spending cuts. Unfortunately only a handful of Democrats supported our efforts. Instead of working together to cut spending immediately, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi want to keep kicking the can down the road, but there’s no more road left. We can’t keep waiting until the proverbial "next year," we need to get our fiscal house in order now so that tomorrow our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same freedoms and opportunity that were provided to us.

Mr. President, take a look at the example set by Virginia, and let’s start making the tough decisions today.