Now, I represent a much diversified district in central Iowa that has both rural and urban interests. My constituents range from factory workers to farmers to life insurance executives. However, it seems to me that central Iowans all have one thing in common. We are just not prepared to stand idle while the executives of Wall Street, who largely caused this financial crisis, return to their ways of multi-million dollar payouts – especially on the taxpayer’s dime. These are executives that would have been out of a job and companies that would have blinked out of existence if not for the hard-earned tax dollars of every day, average Americans.

It is time that Wall Street put an end to a pay structure that rewards irresponsibility and gambling with the livelihoods of so many. The Populist Caucus was founded to refocus our government on the needs of the middle class. My colleagues and I will continue to provide a voice to these families and work with them to rebuild our economy from the ground-up.