The Big Question: Is Obama doing enough to clean up the Gulf?

Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic Policy Research, said:

The Obama administration should be using the full power of the presidency to find out what went wrong and why. This means having the Justice Department subpeona all relevent documents from BP, Halliburton and anyone else involved. They should also be getting depositions from all the key figures involved.

In addition to the enormous environmental and economic damage, 10 people were killed. Some high up people at these companies should be looking at serious jail time.

Peter Navarro,
professor of economics and public policy at U.C. Irvine, said:

Carville and Brazile attacking Obama?   Is this the beginning of Hillary for Prez 2012?  And of course the Admin isn’t doing enough since the spill continues with no end in sight. 

Damon N. Spiegel,
entrepreneur and writer, said:

No.  Can anyone point to me what he has done besides speak to BP’s liability limit of $75m dollars and put together a Golf Coast Oil Spill task force?  I’m shocked that the liberal press hasn’t turned this event into Oilgate.  Oil has been spilling at an unprecedented rate for more than 30 days and the administration has done nothing.  Yesterday President Obama did a 15 minute helicopter over the region and spoke to the threats to the environment and the regions abundant fishing industry.  However, no action has come from this.

The President stepped up the rhetoric yesterday and proclaimed that his administration is doing everything it can to mitigate the disaster. He followed this statement with the administration is going to require BP to bear all the costs.  He is quoted as saying “Your government will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to stop the crisis.”  Can some please tell me what the government is actually doing?  Please don’t tell me that the administrations authorization of the Louisiana National Guard to help local communities in the cleanup is actually doing something.

Hal Lewis, professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara, said:

The Administration (and that includes Obama) is doing far too much, because drilling in deep water is a complex problem, and they know little about it. They show no concern about actually solving the problem, but are entirely focussed on pinning the blame on someone. That kind of interference and harassment is the last kind of “help” that anyone with a real crisis on his hands needs. It calls to mind the famous  lines:

Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes;
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases.


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