The Big Question is a feature where influential lawmakers, pundits and interest group leaders give their answers to a question that’s driving discussion in news circles around the country.

Today’s Big Question is:
Obama's tax cuts--how centrist is the president-elect?

See responses below from Libertarian Party Chairman William Redpath, Cato's Daniel J. Mitchell, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Bruce Josten, John Zogby, Hudson Institute President Dr. Herb London and ATR President Grover Norquist.

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William Redpath, chairman, Libertarian Party said:
In today's political arena, it's sometimes hard to tell left from right, and right from left. This makes finding the political "center" that much more difficult. So, is president-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein Obama4 ways Hillary looms over the 2020 race Obama goes viral after sporting black bomber jacket with '44' on sleeve at basketball game Obama attends UNC-Duke basketball game MORE actually a centrist? Read the full response

Daniel J. Mitchell, senior fellow, Cato Institute said:
President-Elect Obama reportedly will include $300 billion of tax relief in his so-called stimulus scheme. This supposedly will give fiscal conservatives a reason to vote for the proposal, but lawmakers who favor limited government should look before they leap – especially if they actually want to improve economic growth. Read the full response

Bruce Josten, executive vice president for Governmental Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce said:
The tax relief measures reportedly under consideration fits the criteria of a major step toward speeding economic recovery and putting people back to work. These cuts are large enough to make a difference and will benefit individuals and businesses, both of which are hurting. Read the full response

John Zogby, president/CEO, Zogby International said:
President-elect Obama is smart enough to know that he won this election with strong backing from centrist voters. He also appears smart enough to realize that he has to govern this country by building a governing majority. Read the full response

Dr. Herb London, president, Hudson Institute said:
As part of his so-called stimulus package, president elect Obama has indicated that tax cuts are in the offing. About one-third of this package will fall into this category. Read the full response

Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform said:

Obama wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on pork-barrel projects. Much more than Clinton tried to do. And much of his tax cut consists of sending checks to people. Read the full response