The notion that North Korea needed outside help to build this latest facility is a straw man; covert nuclear enrichment activities are something North Korea has engaged in all along. Group think in the intelligence community and the political desire of successive administrations to get a treaty have clouded objective acknowledgement of this fact. That is why I continue to advocate the appointment of a Red Team as the best means to break the logjam of objective analysis when it comes to global nuclear proliferation.

Iran, North Korea and other rogue regimes cannot be counted on as reliable international partners when it comes to stopping the spread of the world’s deadliest weapons. America’s repeated refusal to address the realpolitiks of Iran and North Korea’s nuclear efforts is not without consequence. Engaging academics, outside experts and IC analysts in an effort to consider anew the intelligence on these countries will lead to new insights and methods to respond to the threat.

As I have said repeatedly, the time is now for much tougher and determined international action to halt nuclear proliferation by irresponsible state actors, such as North Korea and Iran, before we are forced to confront a global nightmare — the acquisition of WMD by terrorist, non-state actors.