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The Big Question: Should Gen. Stanley McChrystal be fired?

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit said:

McChrystal’s greatest crime is speaking the truth — that the White House is unserious about this war, and that its foreign policy team isn’t up to the job.  And if he were saying this about a Republican administration, the press would be hailing him as a great hero, speaking truth to power.

Nonetheless, serving generals aren’t supposed to speak this way about their civilian masters, and so if the Rolling Stone reports are true, he should probably be sacked.

But once that’s over, we need to look seriously at the Administration’s neglect of the war in Afghanistan (and its neglect of events in Iraq, for that matter).  In addition, McChrystal’s remarks, which sound kind of punchy, taken together with Gen. Petraeus’ collapse in front of Congress last week, suggest that out military leadership is worn out.  That deserves attention, too.

Bernie Quigley, Pundits Blog contributor, said:
It is not the first time McCrystal has been out of line.  President Obama has trouble making effective appointments. He appears to misunderstand the importance of public persona on organizational behavior. It is a fundamental management flaw. He sees the only relevant persona as his own. That is, he doesn’t understand how to convey authority through a leadership persona. His war needs a face. His BP spill needs a face.  McCrystal hasn’t provided an effective one for Afghanistan. We now know all Obama’s friends and they do not inspire. I would like to see Wes Clark, who does convey authority via persona, put in charge of the BP mess which unravels Obama’s presidency by the day. Truth is, I don’t know what would work in Afghanistan because I no longer have any idea what our plan is. McCrystal bears a good part of the responsibility for that.  It is time for McCrystal to go.

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of, said:
Yes, and let’s replace him with Joe “Loose Cannon” Biden, whose fusillade of faux pas’s will decimate the enemy in short order.

Here we are losing a war (albeit an unwinnable one), and no one in Washington notices — except when someone tells the truth about politicians. THEN the s**t hits the fan.

Hal Lewis, professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara, said:
Fired for telling the truth? Normally I am offended by the idea of military people going around the chain of command, but there are times when it is quintessential.


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