It is not at all surprising that President Obama has decided to welcome gays to the Easter Egg Hunt. After all, he is really a closet supporter of homosexual marriage. Yes, he said during the presidential campaign that he opposes same-sex marriage, but his opposition to Proposition 8, the California resolution limiting marriage to a man and a woman, suggests otherwise. After all, if someone said he was opposed to racial discrimination but then opposed laws proscribing it, everyone would know where he really stands.

Gays at an Easter Egg Hunt makes as much sense as two men showing up at a sorority party. They don’t belong. Who says? Nature. And what nature ordains, society should not dismiss without just cause.
Next month we will celebrate Mother’s Day. Kids who have two fathers will be excluded from celebrating it. In June we will celebrate Father’s Day. Kids who have two mothers will be excluded from celebrating it. That’s the way nature works: it excludes people who don’t fit in.

Americans are a tolerant people. But they don’t want to be told what they must affirm. When the voters in the states have been asked about gay marriage, they always vote no. Indeed, the scorecard is 30-0 against it. That should count for something. A White House that respected the voice of the people would never invite gays to the Easter Egg Hunt. That Obama has tells us that he is inching out of the closet.