When our country debated the merits of the Iran Nuclear Deal this fall, public polling showed Americans were split. Nobody wanted Iran to get nuclear weapons, but we disagreed on how best to prevent them from building a bomb. We, too, had different views on the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and even cast opposing votes on the measure in Congress.

Now that the deal is done, however, there is no question that we will be better off if it is enforced. And recent Iranian actions have made it evident that we need a clear-eyed, bipartisan approach to holding Iran accountable.

In the past several months, Iran has reminded us that it remains an enemy of the United States. In both October and November, Iran conducted two medium-range ballistic missile tests, acting in clear violation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929, and threatening our allies in the region. Iran supports the brutal Assad regime in Syria that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians and helped cause the worldwide humanitarian refugee crisis we see today.

Iran continues to threaten our democratic ally Israel and fund international terrorist organizations. And most recently, an Iranian-supported Shia militia captured three American contractors in Baghdad.

These examples remind us just how dangerous the Iranian regime truly is, and we need to ratchet up the pressure to prevent even worse behavior. We must remember that the Iran Nuclear Deal is only that—a nuclear deal—and no more. It explicitly allows the U.S. to do whatever we can to prevent Iran from causing trouble in other ways.

Iran’s actions also remind us how critical it is we prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon by ensuring that the nuclear deal, now passed, is strictly enforced.

Recently, we introduced a bipartisan resolution, “The Iran Deal Implementation and Accountability Act.” The resolution maps out a three-part plan to ensure effective implementation of the agreement, reaffirm our relationship with Israel, and counter other destabilizing Iranian actions.
First, our resolution calls on the president, Congress, and international partners to ensure the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the State Department and the Treasury Department have the tools necessary to make sure we are inspecting and implementing the deal to the strictest, fullest extent possible.

Second, we call on the president to reaffirm our relationship with Israel and support our closest ally in the region with the resources it needs to defend itself against Iranian-backed terror.

Finally, our resolution calls on the president and the international community to remain committed to countering Iran’s harmful actions beyond the threat of their nuclear program.

We remain committed, as a Congress—Democrats and Republicans—to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. And we must stand firmly against all the other ways they threaten us and our allies. We have had our disagreements on how best to do so in the past, but today we are proud to stand together with a plan to take us forward.

Moulton has represented Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District since 2015. He sits on the Armed Services; the Budget; and the Small Business committees. Ribble has represented Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District since 2011. He sits on the Foreign Affairs and the Transportation committees.