Support democracy in Honduras (Rep. Dana Rohrabacher)

Honduras and the United States have a rich history of cooperation.  The U.S. worked hard during the 80s to protect Honduras from the former Soviet-backed communist regimes in Nicaragua and Cuba.

At the very least, it would be a shame if the Obama administration ignored that long and important relationship without regard to the allegiance, by the people of Honduras, to their constitution. Penalizing Honduras by cutting off aid with threats to not recognize the upcoming free elections in November are wrong.  Further, how can this administration encourage Honduras to return someone to power that has deliberately violated his nation’s law?  It was not Zelaya’s loyalty to his constitution, rather his own caudillismo that threatens to subvert the democratic rule of law.

We must insist that President Obama not change course on our commitment to freedom in our hemisphere for the sake of caudillo thugs and their ilk.   The good people of the world are watching, and no less than American national security in the region is at stake.


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