Inside Afghanistan are some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. The Taliban is taking over parts of the country and the more power they gain, the more the United States’ national security is at risk.  This is why I circulated a letter to President Obama from members of the Foreign Policy Initiative applauding him on his efforts and leadership in Afghanistan recently.
Experts at the Foreign Policy Initiative believe we must move decisively when it comes to the Taliban in Afghanistan, using full resources and an effective counterinsurgency strategy. Taking chances with the enemy that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11, and wishes to kill more, is not an option.
In their letter, they note that a flawed U.S. strategy in the past cost us -- but we must do the right thing now. President Obama took the right steps when he deployed 21,000 additional troops and took seriously a counterinsurgency strategy. For that, his leadership should be commended.
However, a new strategy, that includes the drawdown of American forces in Afghanistan, has emerged. In the letter, the President is urged to listen to our commanders on the ground and give them the resources and forces they need to complete this mission. Compromising in the middle simply won’t work.
I hope President Obama will take seriously this letter and recognize that America’s experienced, intelligent military leadership have fashioned a strategy that will work. By providing full forces and resources to our commanders, we position ourselves that much closer to victory for the Afghan people and our national security.

To view a copy of the letter from the Foreign Policy Initiative to President Obama, click here.