Planned Parenthood gives S&M advice

What’s appropriate sex education for a teen girl?

Safe to say everyone agrees it’s not how to experiment sexually with “whips,” “asphyxiation,” “chains,” and “pain.”

Planned Parenthood markets itself as a provider of “health care,” especially for women, and a national leader in “sex education” for teens. Somewhat less well-known is Planned Parenthood’s status as the number-one abortion corporation in America.  And less well-known still is this organization’s wholesale endorsement of children engaging in sex practices that would boil almost any parent’s blood.

{mosads}To put it bluntly, undercover video evidence shows that Planned Parenthood is willing to advise girls as young as fifteen years old on how to be whipped, beaten, and even defecated on during sex.  Planned Parenthood counselors teach kids to access Internet pornography and visit sex stores, and to hide all of this from their parents.  Staffers call all of this behavior completely okay, provided it’s “consensual.”

If Planned Parenthood were glorifying these behaviors in secret, we could almost be comforted.  We could say that American parents don’t know what their children might be subjected to in these “counseling” rooms because Planned Parenthood covers it up.

But that’s not the case.  In fact, Planned Parenthood’s damaging sexual ethic is readily and publicly available, proudly bearing Planned Parenthood’s logo.  “We’re your one-night stand” and “your quickie” and “your friend with benefits,” PP proclaimed on ads in transit stations in New England.  In New York State, PP contracted a “trainer” to teach teenagers “how a BDSM relationship is successfully navigated between sexual partners.”  Planned Parenthood endorses “resources” that present protocol for “safely” engaging in allegedly sexual activities such as playing with feces, drinking urine, and beating one’s partner.  And the Planned Parenthood video series “A Naked Notion” serves as a how-to guide on any number of dangerous sexual practices, including BDSM.

So when Live Action released video evidence of Planned Parenthood counselors advising our investigators in one-on-one encounters to engage in these behaviors, it was almost a surprise to see the outrage the videos generated.  But it appears that there’s a difference between scatological sex moves being posted on Planned Parenthood’s popular resource sites and a flesh-and-blood stranger personally peddling those same moves.  Or sex shops.  Or internet porn.

What citizens, and especially parents, need to understand is that this is not some silent agenda from Planned Parenthood to propagandize and endanger kids.  On the contrary, it’s an open, overt, and ubiquitous agenda.  Parents can claim ignorance only by consciously shutting their eyes and ears – and letting their children reap the consequences.

The debate over the safety, propriety, and morality of promoting such behaviors may go on.  (And when supporters of 15-year-olds strangling and whipping each other for sexual gratification even exist, that’s proof enough that we’re living in a brave new world.)  What’s more clear-cut is not so much whether BDSM, asphyxiation, and the like are good or moral, but rather whether America’s schools should open their doors to the promoters of these behaviors, and Americans’ tax dollars should fund them.

When it comes to tax funding, the facts are indisputable: Planned Parenthood received $540.6 million in taxpayer money in 2011-2012, and $542 million the year before that.  So here is the question for parents, and especially parents of teens: in an age of “equal protection,” where local governments are regularly sued for posting the Ten Commandments and private citizens are fined for exercising the “choice” of whom to bake cakes for, how can anyone justify forcing taxpayers to fund – and thus to endorse – counseling and propaganda in favor of whips, chains, “safe words,” and strangling in the bedroom?  Shouldn’t “pro-choice” people, regardless of how they feel about Planned Parenthood, be eager to allow their neighbors the choice to eradicate this sort of sexual propaganda from their lives, and from their tax returns?

Parents across the country should think hard about the merits of over $500 million a year going from their pockets to an organization that tells their children, “Only you can decide when you’re ready” (this from an “expert” to a fifteen-year-old girl considering homosexual relations) – that “learning about our sexuality” is a “process” that begins “at birth.”  These parents should consider how the fruits of their labor enrich an abortion corporation that endorses HIV-positive teens withholding their condition from potential sex partners on the one hand, and tells teens that a relationship in which one partner “keep[s] secrets” is “unhealthy or abusive” on the other.

Looking at Planned Parenthood’s anything-goes attitude about sex, even for children, it’s easy to understand how one of the affiliates Live Action investigated is even now being sued for sending a thirteen-year-old rape victim back to her abuser.  Other facilities have behaved similarly, or else demonstrated their eager willingness to.  Maybe Planned Parenthood figures that all these girls “consented” to their abuse, and that to call in the authorities would be “judgmental.”  For sure, if you ask Planned Parenthood about any of this, you’ll get a lot of obfuscation about “judging” and “choices” – with nothing to be said about the long history of documented abuses just below the surface.

We send hundreds of millions of dollars to this corporation every year.  It’s time to demand a refund.

Lila Rose is president and founder of Live Action.


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