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As a twenty-something, pro-life lobbyist for Concerned Women for America (CWA) during the early Clinton years, I remember standing outside the House Chamber,  face to face with Eleanor Smeal and the abortion cartel, as they worked to defeat the Hyde Amendment which simply prohibits taxpayer dollars being used for abortion.  Hyde has been attached to the Labor HHS Appropriations bill every year since 1976, always with strong bi-partisan support.

According to estimates by the liberal Guttmacher Institute, the Hyde Amendment has saved over 1 million children from abortion.

{mosads}The Clintons do not like that.  Bill Clinton’s Administration seemed fully on board with defeating Hyde in 1992, despite their phony mantra of making abortion “safe, legal and rare.”   And unfortunately, Hillary Clinton continues that shameful tradition in her own campaign for the presidency today.  In fact, Hillary Clinton has made taxpayer funding for abortion — and the most extreme abortion agenda in history — her goal, with a new God complex added to the toxic mix. 

The Hillary Clinton standard on abortion is that it should be legal at any point in pregnancy, for any reason, with no state limits, and all paid for by the taxpayer, no matter the dictates of their conscience.   In an April interview on The View, Clinton specified that an unborn child on his or her due date, just hours before delivery, still has no Constitutional rights.  She doubled down by reaffirming Roe v. Wade and any choice on abortion, no matter how extreme, as the appropriate law for our land. 

She went as far at Drake University as calling the right to take an unborn child’s life a “fundamental human right.” Unfortunately, she forgets about the other human in the equation.  Her fealty to Planned Parenthood has led her to believe that the more than $500 million in tax dollars (which is what they get now) isn’t enough; they deserve more. A nineteen trillion dollar national debt doesn’t matter apparently.

These statements put her in direct conflict with the majority of Americans.   A recent Marist poll showed that 62 percent of Americans opposed taxpayer funding of abortion. That number includes 65 percent of African-Americans, 61 percent of Latinos, and 45 percent of those who consider themselves “pro-choice.”

Hillary Clinton’s abortion extremism is out of step with mainstream America.

But here’s the most disturbing part of Hillary Clinton’s abortion agenda: it’s not about the tax money.  She has developed a sort of God complex that people of faith should take seriously.  At a speech at the Women in the World Summit in New York City, Clinton lectured that, “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.  And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”  In other words, Clinton decrees that people of faith need to get over it.  Never mind that we have specific Scriptural dogma as well as incontrovertible scientific reasoning.  Our beliefs are, in her mind, discriminatory. 

To those watching the treatment of Americans who hold an orthodox religious view on traditional marriage, this should all sound familiar.  The goal is not just to abort babies.  It’s to force all of us to be complicit in that choice and to further marginalize and penalize those who won’t fall in line. 

As president, Hillary Clinton would wield a very big stick, and one should fully expect it to be used against pro-lifers, regardless of our First Amendment right to freedom of religion.  People of faith who refuse to fall in line on the issue of same-sex “marriage” have been fired from jobs, finedjailed, forced into silence, and discriminated against for government contracts.  The IRS has already done its dirty work on conservative organizations, and religious charities have had to comply or shut down.  Expect it all to get worse under a Clinton Administration, and this time pro-lifers will become the target. 

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate, far from it.  However, as a pro-life American, I must not contribute to the destruction of human life.  We, as people of faith, are accountable to God not Hillary.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, then not only will more babies in utero die, but Americans who are conscientious objectors will be punished.


Penny Nance is President of Concerned Women PAC.

The views expressed by authors are their own and not the views of The Hill.

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