They have sent a strong message to members of Congress - one that we all need to think about. Congress works for the people. Congress should be the voice of the people. Something is drastically wrong when the people are willing to fight with Congress to get their message across. Congress needs to understand that, and they need to start listening.

80% of the American people are satisfied with their health care now. They don't want it changed. People who have Medicare Advantage don't want to lose it. They don't want to see medicare cut. They don't want the government standing between them and their doctors. Congress needs to get the message.

Are there problems with health care in America? Sure. Do we need to figure out a way to lower costs and provide methods for people who truly can't afford health care to have access to health care? Of course. But let's not throw away the entire system in order to fix what is wrong. Instead, let's toss the bills that are on the table in the wastepaper basket. Let's listen to the people. Then let's write legislation that deals with the two issues that need to be addressed, costs, and helping the hard-core uninsured. Most of all, let's keep the legislation simple enough that Congress can understand it.

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