Instead, the Senate bill insists that people buy insurance that many cannot afford now, and many more will not be able to afford in the future, given that premiums are rising four times faster than wages.

So who will pay when people must buy health care insurance they can’t afford?


Federal subsidies will be forced to rise as premium costs rise. Those who can’t afford coverage because premiums are too high would be left without insurance and would likely use emergency rooms for health care, also at taxpayers’ expense.

This “hidden cost” to the Senate compromise is really a gift to the health insurers, an industry where profits at 10 of the largest publicly traded companies increased 428 percent between 2000 and 2007.

Americans cannot afford this gift to the health insurance industry, and the health insurance industry does not deserve it.

Americans deserve affordable, accessible quality health care, which will not happen without the kind of competition and choice provided through a public option.