Trump continues to put Americans first by adding citizenship question to census
© Greg Nash

Since the arrival of the Trump administration to the White House, the left have been relentless in their pursuit to discredit the president, the Republican Party, and hard working Americans across our country. The liberal elites in Washington, led by House Minority Leader Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiDon't let 'welfare for all' advocates derail administration's food stamp program reforms Hillicon Valley: Officials worry about Nevada caucus technology after Iowa | Pelosi joins pressure campaign on Huawei | Workers at Kickstarter vote to unionize | Bezos launches B climate initiative Pelosi joins pressure campaign on Huawei MORE (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerBarr to testify before House Judiciary panel Graham won't call Barr to testify over Roger Stone sentencing recommendation Roger Stone witness alleges Trump targeted prosecutors in 'vile smear job' MORE (D-N.Y.), continue to unjustly ridicule President TrumpDonald John TrumpFed saw risks to US economy fading before coronavirus spread quickened Pro-Trump super PAC hits Biden with new Spanish-language ad in Nevada Britain announces immigration policy barring unskilled migrants MORE and flaunt political agendas that put Americans second.

Today, we find ourselves in another senseless, political slugfest led by the left. The Democratic Party has decided to politicize the 2020 census by combating the administration's reinstatement of the citizenship question.


The notion that the citizenship question is a new concept developed to advance the Trump-agenda in a hostile political climate is simply untrue. The U.S. government inquired about individual’s citizenship status for 130 years--the first being in the year 1820--during the lifetime of many of our founding fathers.

The concept is not a recent development, nor is it a derivative of American politics. Many other U.S. allies also inquire about citizenship status on their census. Two of the allies include Canada and Australia--Canada being the most interesting of the two. Canada is consistently praised by liberal leaders and the left-winged narrative for their inclusive culture and forward-thinking policy, yet, have implemented the same Trump-proposed census practices in their 2016 census which has been widely praised as the most successful in their nation's history. The citizenship question is quite similar to asking of a person's race, gender, age and homeowner status, all of which is included in the upcoming census and has never been an issue before.  

In order to organize political structures and proportionately distribute our federal resources, our founding fathers required that a census take place every ten years. This practice is set up to protect the American people so they are not inaccurately represented or inadequately funded by our federal government. It is the duty of government leaders to protect Americans by challenging election formats so they do not dilute the votes of legal citizens. In order to support this, it is imperative to know who resides in this land and their status of citizenship.

The liberal elites, who continue to preach “no illegal alien left behind”, have turned this simple, lawful re-addition to the 2020 census into a debacle of injustice. The only injustice occurring is the misrepresentation of the American people sought by the left. The left continue to set the precedent that legal, lawful, American citizens are second-class. If we ignore the distinction between legal citizens and illegal aliens, we strip the American people of their voting power and undermine the sovereignty of our Republic.

The California attorney general, Xavier BecerraXavier BecerraStates sue Trump administration at record pace California has a privacy law, but will companies comply? Judge approves merger between T-Mobile, Sprint MORE, who has shown nothing but resistance to the Trump administration, says the added citizen question to the census is “not just a bad idea - it is illegal." As a congressman and Indiana's former attorney general who was successful in fighting voter fraud in Indiana and has sworn an oath to uphold and abide by our Constitution, I am left baffled by Becerra's statement. It never has been, nor ever will be, a violation of our laws to inquire whether or not someone is a citizen of this great country. The reaction from liberals on the coasts, like Becerra and company, is typical of a resist and obstruct movement looking for any opportunity to show their opposition to President Trump.

I fear these reactions to our president from liberals only goes to show their allegiance does not reside with Americans and keeping our nation safe, but instead with a hope of giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. Today's modern Democratic Party is more motivated by a desire to gain power and control, instead of putting Americans first. The Democrats want to stay in control, and the only way they accomplish this is by granting amnesty to illegals immigrants to mask the failures of their political agenda. Failed and dangerous policies like amnesty iIllegal immigrants and sanctuary city ordinances and laws are the foundation of a liberal ideal that puts the interest of non-citzitens ahead of the citizens that elected these politicians.

The truth is, those who oppose this common sense change to the census, do so because they are scared. Locations where illegal immigration is dense, play a large role in electing officials--specifically those among the left--and allocating funds. Sadly, many on the left rather relish in the advancement of their own political agendas than put Americans first. Our census should bring about clarity and set a trajectory to better represent the American people. I commend President Trump for continuing to implement common sense policies that puts Americans first and with the revised census, we will continue to do just that.

Rokita represents Indiana's 4th District.