Fixing Biden's inhumane border crisis
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President BidenJoe BidenHouse panel approves bill to set up commission on reparations Democrats to offer bill to expand Supreme Court Former Israeli prime minister advises Iran to 'cool down' amid nuclear threats MORE has created a “problem,” “challenge,” or “crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border that has led to the apprehension of almost 5,000 illegal border crossers every day! Biden caused this crisis. Former President TrumpDonald TrumpTrump mocks Murkowski, Cheney election chances Race debate grips Congress US reentry to Paris agreement adds momentum to cities' sustainability efforts MORE inherited a border crisis and solved it. Biden inherited a solution and created a crisis.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) released pictures of the inhumane conditions in which these illegal migrants are kept. Thank you Rep. Cuellar for exposing what the Biden oligarchs have worked so hard to keep hidden from the world.

In fact, one of the reasons for the delay in addressing the border crisis is Biden’s reluctance to acknowledge the crisis.


But, if there is no crisis, then why is there inhumane overcrowding that Biden admits the administration is trying to cover up? Why are we spending $86 million to put illegal aliens into hotels? Why are we housing people in convention centers?

Why won’t the Biden administration allow the media into the worst of these facilities? And, while we are at it, why isn’t the press calling this situation “kids in cages,” as it did when Trump used Obama era facilities?

The open borders crowd on the left claim an exclusive hold on compassion, but border security dissuades people from around the world from taking the dangerous trek to our southern border. The left doesn’t care about these people. These people put their lives into the hands of ruthless human, sex, and drug traffickers — the cartels.

A couple of days ago a group of 112 surrendered on the border not too far from Three Points, Arizona. The oldest person in that group was 94 years old. The youngest was 4 years old. That child was not with parents, siblings, grandparents, any family relation or a legal guardian. That child’s parents placed the child with the transnational criminal cartels.

The cartels no longer employ coyotes to get people to specific cities in the U.S. They bring people to the border and drop them on the American side with instructions to seek out the Border Patrol. Biden’s policies instruct our Border Patrol and Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents to either detain them in overcrowded, inhumane conditions while we supposedly vet them and then provide them bus/airfare to the location of their choice.

Biden claims to be returning most people under the Title 42 authority that President Trump put into place, without giving credit to President Trump. In February, Biden claimed that CBP turned back 70,000. But, we also detained and released more than 36,000 into the country.


That 36,000 number doesn’t include the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who successfully evade our border controls. Thus, hundreds of thousands of people will escape into the interior of the U.S. this year.

What is the Democrat response? Two pieces of legislation that will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the country which will provide another incentive for people to sneak into our country.

Those incentives start at the top with the encouragement illegal aliens are receiving from the Biden administration, House Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiWatchdog: Capitol Police need 'culture change' Julia Letlow sworn in as House member after winning election to replace late husband The Hill's 12:30 Report: Biden defends Afghanistan withdrawal after pushback MORE (D-N.Y.), and the Democrats.

My sources tell me that the people CBP are apprehending are clearly stating that they came because of Biden’s invitation during the campaign and since his election. They believed him when he invited them to “surge to the border.”

And since his election, Biden has halted the remain in Mexico Policy (and yet he complains that Mexico won’t take these people), stopped the tracer agreements with the northern triangle states, halted construction of the border wall, and continued the language of open borders.

The remedy to stop this quickly and effectively are:

1) Reinstate the remain in Mexico, or MPP

2) Reinstate the tracer policy with the northern triangle states

3) Finish the dang wall

4) Bring immigration judges to the border to immediately handle these bogus asylum cases. Quit worrying about the backlog. The exigent circumstance is now and quickly sending people home will end the incentives.

5) Pass the Biggs-Lee legislation that fixes the ridiculous Flores decision, tightens the asylum loopholes, and facilitates swifter removal of illegal aliens.

6) MOST importantly, the Biden administration needs to can Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro MayorkasAlejandro MayorkasHillicon Valley: Intel leaders push for breach notification law | Coinbase goes public House Republicans raise concerns about new Chinese tech companies Harris to visit Mexico and Guatemala 'soon' MORE and start yelling to cartels, non-governmental organizations and people surging to the border to stop coming. Tell them that they will not be welcomed and that they will be returned to their countries.

But Democrats will never undertake these remedies because they support open borders. And, to them successfully helping illegal migrants enter and stay in the country is merely a “challenge” or “problem.” To the majority of Americans, this is Biden’s inhumane border crisis.

Biggs is chair of Freedom Caucus and co-chair of Border Security Caucus.