Judge Kavanaugh confounds the left
© Greg Nash

Activists on the left and even some members of Congress have made outrageous statements about Judge Brett Kavanaugh since the announcement of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. But in spite of their best efforts and exhaustive opposition research, liberals have found nothing that should raise any alarm or prevent his timely confirmation.

The reason Judge Kavanaugh has been characterized by the media as a “safe pick” for President TrumpDonald John TrumpSarah Huckabee Sanders becomes Fox News contributor The US-Iranian scuffle over a ship is a sideshow to events in the Gulf South Korea: US, North Korea to resume nuclear talks 'soon' MORE is because he is imminently qualified for the high court and universally respected among his peers. In spite of Senate Minority Leader Chuck SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerJewish Democratic congresswoman and veteran blasts Trump's 'disloyalty' comments Schumer says Trump encouraging anti-Semites Saagar Enjeti: Biden's latest blunder; Krystal Ball: Did Schumer blow our chance to beat McConnell? MORE (D-N.Y.) and company’s unfounded attacks, there is nothing “extreme” about this individual at all.


What can they really do to stop the confirmation of a judge who is such a straight shooter and one who has so consistently applied the Constitution in a scholarly and objective manner? How can they sincerely object to a judge whose rulings have been endorsed by the Supreme Court more than a dozen times, whose thoughtful analysis in more than 300 published opinions has been routinely cited by other jurists across the nation, and whose concurrences and dissents have been discussed by more than 50 circuit courts in their own opinions?

There is simply no legitimate argument to prevent this nominee from filling the seat of his former boss, Justice Anthony Kennedy. But that won’t stop them from trying.

The truth is the left opposed this pick before Judge Kavanaugh was even selected by the president. No matter who was announced, our friends across the aisle would have protested the pick simply because of who made the nomination.

Liberal activists won’t stand for any originalist, because they insist the Supreme Court should be composed of judicial activists who will legislate from the bench, create new rights, interject their personal policy preferences and invent a new constitution as they go along.

Judge Kavanaugh will have none of that—which is precisely the reason he will be an excellent justice.

Our system of government depends upon a Supreme Court that will faithfully uphold and apply the Constitution. Kavanaugh’s extensive record proves he is committed to a strict interpretation of our guiding document, to America’s sovereignty, the separation of powers and an independent judiciary. He will be an impartial vote to help restore fidelity to the rule of law and preserve our inalienable rights. That is exactly what our nation needs.

In June 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to George Wythe in which he explained the necessity of an independent, thoughtful and honest judiciary to maintain “the dignity and stability of government in all its branches, the morals of the people, and every blessing of society.” Judges, he said, should always be people of “learning and experience in the laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness and attention; their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests; they should not be dependent upon any man, or body of men.”

Brett Kavanaugh checks every one of the founder’s boxes and meets the highest qualifications that any American should demand of a judge who faithfully administers equal justice under the law.  

Our system also presupposes that the Senate will set aside petty politics and individual preferences and faithfully perform its own constitutional responsibility. There is no question that this nominee is among the most capable and qualified judges who has ever been nominated to our highest court, and he deserves to be treated as such.

Instead, due to the supercharged polarization of our current politics, he will doubtlessly face more hyperbolic rhetoric and unfounded charges before the process is completed. That is all the left has to attack Judge Kavanaugh, but the vitriol will reveal much more about the attackers than their subject.

Thankfully, a jurist of his integrity can withstand the opposition, and his “patience, calmness, coolness and attention” will come in quite handy. For the sake of the nation, let’s hope the left acknowledges the weakness of their case and ends the charade sooner rather than later.

Rep. Mike JohnsonJames (Mike) Michael JohnsonConservatives call on Pelosi to cancel August recess Nadler shuts down Republican point of order after impeachment question Live coverage: Mueller testifies before Congress MORE (R-La.) is a Constitutional law attorney and former religious liberty defense litigator who serves on the House Judiciary Committee.