A judge to uphold the Constitution
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The political scuffle that erupted in the aftermath of Judge Amy Coney BarrettAmy Coney BarrettBiden's 'Come on, man' defense will not fly on religious freedom A politicized Supreme Court? That was the point Solid majority believes Supreme Court rulings based more on politics than law  MORE’s nomination to the Supreme Court proves that Washington Democrats will misrepresent the role of the judiciary to score political points.

Setting aside Barrett’s eminent credentials as a jurist, the left immediately — and unjustly — attacked Barrett as an ideologue who would decimate health coverage and a religious zealot eager to overturn legal precedent.

While intended to invoke fear in the American voter, these claims are as absurd as they are false.


Furthermore, these accusations speak to an underlying projection by Democrats in Congress, who falsely believe that Republicans seek to pack the Supreme Court with partisan activists who would legislate from the bench.

However, unlike Washington Democrats, Republicans do not root for outcomes before the courts. We recognize that judges have a singular responsibility to uphold the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers established the independent judiciary with the explicit aim of divorcing the judicial branch from the political pressures and agendas that beset the executive and legislative branches.

The left does not believe this, as evidenced by their framing of the Supreme Court as a partisan battleground between “Republican Justices” and “Democrat Justices.” Regardless of the political affiliation of the president who nominates them, Supreme Court Justices swear an oath to defend the Constitution and serve as neutral arbiters.

Barrett’s tenure on the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrates an exemplary understanding of the importance of reviewing constitutionality and precedent in deciding a case. There is no evidence to suggest she would break from this pattern of impartiality while serving on the Supreme Court.

Democrats’ criticisms of Barrett are rooted in the specious claim that confirming Barrett to the Supreme Court would ensure the court’s overturning of ObamaCare. This is nothing more than an election year scare tactic. After all, if Washington Democrats truly believed that ObamaCare is constitutional, they should have nothing to worry about given Barrett’s strict adherence to the Constitution.

Republicans in Congress are dedicated to advancing legislation that improves the quality and accessibility of health care for all Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions. I am a co-sponsor of the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act and the lead sponsor of the RURAL HELP Act, which would ensure that underserved rural communities have access to the highest quality of care available.

President TrumpDonald TrumpSix big off-year elections you might be missing Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Banks for misgendering trans health official Meghan McCain to Trump: 'Thanks for the publicity' MORE is equally committed to protecting individuals with preexisting conditions. Just last month, he signed an executive order stating that the federal government’s official policy is to protect individuals with preexisting conditions. With this, he cemented the fact that Republicans are prioritizing quality health care and making it available to every American.

In fact, the single greatest threat to Americans’ health care is Washington Democrats’ calls for socialized medicine, which would cost $32 trillion, eliminate private health insurance, and lead to fewer health care options across the board.

Furthermore, Washington Democrats’ dream of socialized medicine would stop our country’s economic recovery dead in its tracks — effectively ending the Great American Comeback we are witnessing now and saddling future generations with mountains of debt.

It’s no mystery why Washington Democrats have resorted to fear tactics and unfounded accusations to smear a Supreme Court nominee going into the final stretch of a presidential election. Above all, they are counting on the American people to believe their lies, in hopes that their attempts to deceive the public will help them win on Election Day.


Washington Democrats also believe, wrongly, that the role of a Supreme Court justice is to cheerlead for the policies of the political party that appointed them. This belies even the most basic understanding of the separation of powers intrinsic to the foundations of our republic.

The shameful attacks on Barrett only serve to highlight the left’s predilection for activist judges who seek to usurp the Constitution and legislate from the bench, instead of carrying out the important task with which the judiciary has always been charged.

In stark contrast to the Washington Democrats eager to impugn her reputation and ignore her credentials, Barrett has demonstrated a sound understanding of the constitutional role of the judiciary and is eminently qualified to serve as a member of the United States Supreme Court. The Senate should confirm her without hesitation.

Fred Keller is a member of Congress, representing Pennsylvania’s 12th District.