Government shutdown not an option
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I often hear from people that they are frustrated with leaders in government that just don’t get it – politicians who seem more interested in fighting than finding pragmatic solutions.

There is no situation that exemplifies this issue more than the looming threat of a government shutdown.  It was just two years ago that partisan infighting between the two chambers of Congress and the White House led to a costly government shut down that put our nation’s stability and security in peril.  The impact of the shutdown reached far and wide, jeopardizing pay for the men and women in our military, delaying life-saving research at the National Institute of Health and stalling crucial veteran’s disability claims. 


A core responsibility of our leaders in Washington is establishing a yearly budget for the federal government to live within – something that households, businesses and hard-working Americans around this country are forced to do every day. I understand that there are serious issues that need to be addressed, and reasonable people will often disagree on how to solve the most pressing issues of our day, but Washington does a disservice to the American people when it shuts down the government instead of facing these challenges head on. 

That’s why I strongly oppose the government shutdown.  At the very least, the American people deserve leaders who will work together to keep our government open and do the work they were elected to do. 

I take tremendous pride in the fact that I’ve consistently been ranked among the most bipartisan and independent Members of Congress. I believe that reflects the values of our community at its best, and it’s also the governing approach that is needed to advance solutions to the problems we face as a nation.  In this spirit, I will continue to vote in support of measures that are in the best interest of the Tenth District and our nation, and I am urging my colleagues to do the same.

We owe it to all Americans to put progress before partisanship so that we can take action on the areas in which we agree, rather than focusing all of our efforts on our disagreements.

We are a better, stronger nation when we come together to find common ground, which is why I will continue, regardless of partisan politics, to vote for what is in the best interest of the people I represent.

Dold represents Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, serving since 2015, and from 2011 to 2013. He sits on the Ways and Means Committee.