These people are activists. They’re engaged, outraged, and are doing their part to restore social and fiscal responsibility to our government.

They call themselves the Tea Party, and they want to make a difference in Washington, and around the country. That’s why I joined the new Tea Party Caucus.

I’ve been supportive of their mission since the beginning, have spoken at townhalls, and have met with the local Tea Party groups. These people have legitimate concerns, and I’m doing what I can to help them.

While the left is doing everything in its power to demonize and marginalize the Tea Party movement, I recognize that the views of the movement represent the views of the majority of American voters on all the key issues. Those views are the opposite of what President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are trying to sell.

I am proud and honored to be a charter member of this Caucus, which I believe will help provide improved communications between conservative activists nationwide and the U.S. House.

My door (and Twitter and Facebook feeds) is always open to the Tea Party, and I appreciate what they have to say.