From the bailouts to the failed stimulus bill to the government takeover of health care, Americans are sick and tired of being ignored by their government. They are ready for a change in Washington. Republicans have heard this outcry and believe it is time to listen and let Americans lead the way.

Over the past several months, I’ve held multiple town halls, spoken to dozens of civic groups and met with countless small businesses throughout my district. Everywhere I go, I hear the same message: people are afraid. They are afraid of the prospect that their taxes will explode with the Obama tax-hike at the end of the year. They are afraid of what the health care bill will do to their current coverage or that it may force them to lay off more employees. They are afraid that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be left to foot the bill for Washington’s reckless spending habits. In short, Americans feel like they’ve lost control of their government.

The Pledge to America represents a fresh new approach - an agenda set by the American people, not by tone-deaf leaders in Washington. By focusing on the principles of smaller and more accountable government, economic freedom, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, protecting life, maintaining a strong national defense, and adhering to the Constitution, the Pledge to America seeks to get this country back on track and restore the trust that has been lost.

From focusing on job creation to reining in spending to fixing a dysfunctional Congress, this pledge embraces bold solutions, a commitment to our founding principles, and a dismantling of ‘business as usual’ in Washington.

It’s time to for Washington to move forward and embrace the notion that the government’s powers are truly derived from the consent of the governed. It’s time to return The People’s House to the people.