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Simpson should resign from fiscal commission (Rep. Lynn Woolsey)

Describing Social Security as a ‘milk cow with 310 million tits,’ and complaining about ‘people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree,’ Simpson illustrates that he does not have an open mind about the program and doesn’t understand it either.

Simpson portrays Social Security as some sort of welfare for the elderly who don’t need or deserve it rather than a self-funded financial security program recipients paid into throughout their working lives.

Social Security should not even be on the table in deficit-reduction talks because it has not contributed a dime to that deficit, which has been caused largely by endless wars, reckless tax cuts and the recession.

There are many better ways to reduce the deficit, including introducing the public option into the health exchanges created by the health care reform bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the public option would save $68 billion dollars over the first seven years. I have introduced a bill to do just that.

But Simpson seems more intent on targeting Social Security and those who receive it

Simpson’s apology is not enough. He should resign.


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