Helping Iraqi Refugees (Rep. Joe Wilson)

For over two decades, millions of Iraqis suffered under the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. As victims of his dictatorial government, many refugees were fortunate enough to escape the horror and leave Iraq despite the traumatic and unnerving result of losing their homes and livelihoods. Today, the Iraqi people face new and difficult circumstances that have occurred as their young democracy struggles to stabilize itself. The violence that erupted in the aftermath of the fall of Saddam’s regime has led to a further emigration of refugees seeking peace and safety denied by sectarian violence and extremists at home.

Thanks to the courageous work of our military and diplomatic corps and the inspiring dedication of the Iraqi people, we have seen extraordinary success on the ground in Iraq in recent months. When I visited the country just over a week ago, I was impressed by the dramatic decline in violence and the courageous Iraqis who are working with America and our allies to put Iraq on the path to peace and prosperity. I am encouraged by this and hope that it will eventually provide an opportunity for Iraqis to return to their homes en masse.

As a compassionate people, Americans understand that we must help the millions of Iraqis who have had to flee their country to someday return to a safe and peaceful Iraq – an Iraq they so richly deserve and which many have fought and died for. Through the coordination of international relief organizations and partnerships with other nations, we can succeed.

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