Some Republicans still have no clue why they were elected

If voters weren’t watching Fox News on Wednesday morning they missed a remarkable soundbite proving why even conservative firebrands in Congress may not fully grasp the reason voters put them in office. 

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy (R), a hero in most conservative circles, started an interview by delivering a stunning indictment to Fox’s Bill Hemmer of Obama’s executive amnesty action, as only this former prosecutor can do. 

{mosads}He explained eloquently how the president has stripped the justice system of its integrity, how the rule of law has been turned on its head, how Congress’ ability to legislate is invariably compromised, and most importantly, how “dangerous” this kind of executive overreach is to our country.  Or as Gowdy put it, “…to any country that is grounded in respect for the rule of law.” 

Host Bill Hemmer followed up with the logical question: “What are Republicans prepared to do on this?” 

That’s when all the air was let out. Turns out it’s not much from the sound of it.   

Gowdy declared it his preference that the issue be taken up by the Senate instead, with Senators using their advice and consent powers to influence ambassadorships. That, of course, accomplishes absolutely nothing. 

When asked about defunding, he said he was in favor of that “too” but in the next breath rattled off all the reasons why Republicans shouldn’t be too forceful about that. “I will not fund it” were five simple words that never materialized. 

Time and time again we’ve heard Republicans declare war over Obama’s executive amnesty. Every Republican running anywhere screamed from the mountaintops that this illegal action would not be tolerated. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) promised to use the “power of the purse” and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said, “we will not stand idle while the president violates the rule of law in this country.”  The GOP ran over 10,000 ads promising to stop Obama’s amnesty order in the month of October alone. 

That conviction and that pledge led them to a landslide victory on Capitol Hill. 

Yet none of these promises square with how last week the GOP leadership has been all too eager to sell funding measures that keep Obama’s amnesty afloat. Not just amnesty, but Obamacare (GOP Senate candidates ran 35,000 ads on Obamacare in October), out-of-control federal spending, lavish payolas for the Chamber of Commerce, massive grants to the abortion mills — on and on it goes. All things the Republicans solemnly swore to end and all of which they are planning to fund in their entirety. 

It has been only a month and conservative voters are wondering why they bothered to show up in November. 

We’ve heard from Republicans everywhere that Obama is making a mockery of the Constitution, especially when he is on the record stating over and over that he does not have the constitutional authority to declare executive amnesty. Those Republicans are right … but what about the Republicans themselves? They too took oaths, every single one of them, to defend the Constitution. 

The House enjoys the power of the purse and in one simple vote, declaring the refusal to provide funding for this illegal act, the issue would be settled. To not do that, and instead provide the funding for Obama’s executive amnesty whether for one year, six months, or three minutes is a violation of their own pledge to defend the Constitution. 

Worse than misrepresenting voters is the reality that Republicans who vote to fund Obama’s amnesty would be violating their oath to defend the Constitution as much as Obama has. 

A reminder to GOP House members and senators: Your constituents elected you based on the promise that your conservative principles would guide your decisions while in office. Let those principles now guide you to declare –  while there is much included in the proposed three-month continuing budget resolution –  you will hold your nose provided that a) nothing is appropriated to fund Obama’s illegal activities and b) when the new Congress arrives in town it take the reins of a long term budget debate. 

For now, every single Republican (some Democrats too) who denounced the illegal amnesty power grab by this increasingly zealous administration must vote against it. Nothing less is acceptable. 

Trey Gowdy; you’re one of the leaders. Make it your statement, loudly and unequivocally, that you will not fund this unconstitutional monstrosity and then issue the clarion call to the rest of your caucus to do the same. This is what leaders do.  

This shouldn’t be difficult. Obama’s amnesty agenda was thrown into the trash heap of history by American voters nationwide in agreement with GOP candidates who campaigned against it. Why on earth would Republicans have problems honoring the pledges they made to their constituents? 

Any member of Congress voting to fund Obama’s executive amnesty is an accomplice to his destruction of the constitution.  

Bozell is the chairman of ForAmerica, the nation’s largest active online conservative network with over 7 million supporters.

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