In two years, America might have its first female president. However, Democrats around the country should jettison conventional wisdom and look beyond Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonClintons, Stacey Abrams meeting Texas Democrats Biden says Russia spreading misinformation ahead of 2022 elections Highest-ranking GOP assemblyman in WI against another audit of 2020 vote MORE. Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenCalifornia Democrats warn of low turnout in recall election Pelosi disputes Biden's power to forgive student loans Warren hits the airwaves for Newsom ahead of recall election MORE (Mass.) is by far the most compelling Democratic candidate and The Boston Globe is absolutely right; she should “run for the White House.” Warren represents the best that Democrats have to offer in 2016, in addition to the fact that she can type an email without it causing a nationwide scandal.

First, some polls have the Massachusetts senator ahead of the former secretary of State. Warren ranked ahead of Clinton and GOP competition in a 2014 Quinnipiac poll centered on a “heat index” that measures favorability:

Elizabeth Warren Generates Most Heat…


Number one today is U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, at 48.6 degrees…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is second with 47.8 degrees and only 1 percent don't know enough about her…

It’s important to note that this data was taken last year, before Clinton’s email scandal cost her support in recent surveys and before Warren’s ascent within the Democratic Party. It’s also important to note that the 2014 Quinnipiac “favorability” poll is different from the recent 2015 poll that states Hillary “wipes everyone out.” This latest poll doesn’t mention the “heat index” and focuses primarily on New York voters. While Clinton has the name recognition today, Warren has two years to build on her reputation as a champion of the middle class.

Second, The Boston Globe has recently urged Warren to run and stated that Democrats would be making a “big mistake” to simply ignore potential challengers to Hillary Clinton:

DEMOCRATS WOULD be making a big mistake if they let Hillary Clinton coast to the presidential nomination without real opposition, and, as a national leader, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren can make sure that doesn’t happen...


Indeed, the big-picture debate on financial regulation and income inequality is what’s most at peril if the Democratic primaries come and go without top-notch opponents for Clinton…

She should not shrink from the chance to set the course for the Democratic Party or cede that task to Hillary Clinton without a fight.

When a major newspaper urges a potential candidate to run, out of fear that Hillary Clinton will remain unopposed, this speaks volumes about the need for a paradigm shift within the Democratic Party.

Part of the reason The Boston Globe and other would want Warren to serve as a counterbalance to Clinton is because the Massachusetts senator offers a real alternative to the GOP. As stated on Rep. Barbara Lee’s (D-Calif.) website, Warren proved to be a formidable opponent of Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanWisconsin GOP quietly prepares Ron Johnson backup plans RealClearPolitics reporter says Freedom Caucus shows how much GOP changed under Trump Juan Williams: Biden's child tax credit is a game-changer MORE’s conservative views on the economy:

Warren continued: ‘Paul Ryan says don’t blame Wall Street: the guys who made billions of dollars cheating American families. Don’t blame decades of deregulation that took the cops off the beat while the big banks looted the American economy…’

And to a standing ovation, Warren declared: ‘That may be Paul Ryan’s vision of how America works, but that is not our vision of this great country.’

Can you imagine Wall Street Republican’s dark secret making those statements?  Hillary Clinton has raised $328,755,858 with Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan as her top donors.

Economic issues faced by middle class Americans are growing in importance and even Jeb Bush has stated "the playing field is no longer fair or level." When a leading Republican is saying things that Warren would say, this shows the relevance of the wealth gap in our country. Clinton, unlike Warren, is slow to make any statements regarding the economy and The New York Times has stated that her economic plan is “a quandary.” Furthermore, while Clinton just recently mentioned her thoughts on income inequality, this was only because more and more people are beginning to notice Elizabeth Warren.

Hillary Clinton’s momentum won’t last for two years with “Emailgate” threatening to become a bigger issue. According to FOIA expert Nick Gass in POLITICO, Clinton’s email system was “laughable” because there’s “no doubt that the scheme she established was a blatant circumvention of the Freedom of Information Act.” As with anything related to the Internet, email, or technology in 2015, it’s entirely possible that further revelations surface about Clinton’s misuse of her private home server, or any number of other unforeseen issues that could hurt Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren, not Hillary Clinton, personifies the true value system of most Democrats. Hillary might be ahead in certain polls, but Warren is rising and already has a major newspaper championing her as one of the best Democratic candidates in 2016. Elizabeth Warren should make a run for the White House since America, and the Democratic Party, will thank her for doing so.

Goodman is a journalist and author.