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Stem Cell Research: A Monumental Opportunity for Congress (Rep. Linda Sanchez)

Stem cell research provides a new and exciting pathway to medical discovery that has the potential to eliminate devastating afflictions for millions of Americans. This work could lead to new, more effective cures and treatments for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, epilepsy, brain and spinal cord injuries, and certain types of cancer.

My family and I have understood the pain of Alzheimer’s disease first-hand since my father was diagnosed with it seven years ago. However, my dad also taught us to look for answers to life’s problems, and that’s why I support stem cell research so strongly. Congress will consider bills this week that would give medical researchers the resources they need to find cures in order to help millions of suffering Americans and their families, while reinforcing our opposition to human cloning in the strongest possible way.

Opponents of stem cell research have expressed their concern that the research would destroy embryos that would otherwise be used for procreation. However, fertility clinics around the country house nearly 400,000 embryos that are no longer needed for fertility purposes, and will ultimately be discarded anyway. Scientists need only a fraction of these to do their research.

Stem cell research legislation provides a monumental opportunity for Congress to lead the way in finding cures for the worst degenerative diseases. I hope you will join me and the vast majority of Americans in supporting this legislation so future generations won’t have to suffer like so many do today.

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