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Cloned Food Must be Labeled!

The FDA may soon endorse the use of meat, milk and other food from
cloned animals – which is why I’ve introduced the Cloned Food Labeling
Act.  The legislation will require the FDA and the Department of
Agriculture to mandate that all food that comes from cloned animals be
labeled as such.  The label will read: THIS PRODUCT IS FROM A CLONED

The public deserves to know if their food comes from a cloned animal.
My legislation will help the American public make an informed decision.
I am strongly opposed to the FDA approving meat and milk products from
cloned animals for human consumption.  If cloned food is safe, let it
onto the market, but give consumers the information they need to avoid
these products if they choose to.  We need to let Americans – many of
whom find this repugnant – speak with their dollars and choose the food
that they feel confident is safe.

Once the FDA determines this is safe, they said they will allow the
food to enter the market unidentified, unlabeled, unbeknownst to all of
us and completely indistinguishable from all other food.  We won’t be
able to tell which foods were made the good old-fashioned way and which
came from a cloned animal.

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