My South Florida Congressional District includes over 265 miles of Florida coastline stretching from Miami Beach to the Southernmost City of Key West. This pristine coast makes South Florida vulnerable to hurricanes and their impact has cost our local economy tens of billions of dollars in destroyed properties and lost tourist revenue. This is why I have remained focused and active on legislating bills that protect our community from the cost of hurricanes and have sought greater federal investments in hurricane research.

Several bills now in the House focus on hurricanes and their impact and I am proud to support them all:

* The Homeowners Defense Act would reduce the cost and improve availability of homeowners insurance in Florida and around the country.
* The National Hurricane Research Initiative Act will focus resources on improving severe tropical storm forecasting capabilities while investing in durable and resilient infrastructure to alleviate impacts on coastal populations.
* The Hurricane and Tornado Mitigation Investment Act will give individuals and businesses a tax credit for up to $5,000 for hurricane mitigation property costs such as reinforcing a roof and protecting against windborne debris.

As we enter a new hurricane season we must all do our part to make sure we are prepared and that we are informed. It can make the difference between life and death.