Last September, the House recognized the need to modernize insurance agent and broker licensing by passing bipartisan legislation. However, the Senate did not take up this much needed reform.

Yesterday, I join with my colleague Rep. David Scott (D-GA) and a bipartisan group of 33 cosponsors to introduce similar legislation that helps support small businesses. H.R. 2554, the National Association of Registered Agents & Brokers Reform Act (NARAB), will reform the current system of insurance agent licensing to streamline licensing for insurance agents and brokers who do business in more than one state.


Many insurance agents have customers in more than one state. Customers who move out-of-state often want to keep doing business with an agent they know and trust. Others may be managing insurance for an elderly parent or other family member who lives out of state. The current licensing system makes routine business too complicated.

This legislation will make it easier for agents and brokers to be licensed and do business in more than their home state. Having the option of NARAB membership and one-stop non-resident licensing will cut down on extra paperwork and time it now takes to obtain multiple licenses.

While Congress may debate overall insurance regulation at some point in time, this legislation does not impact the day-to-day state regulation of insurance, and insurance agents would still be subject to state consumer protection laws.

This legislation will accomplish state-based reform and streamline the licensing process, leading to greater consumer choice and protection.