After using every legislative tactic in the book, it looks like Democrat Leaders are finally going to allow a vote on the Bush Administration policy to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights on Federal Lands. It’s about time. For the past two years, they have worked to block this legislation from becoming law. For example, House Democrat leaders spent weeks devising parliamentary maneuvers to block House Republicans from being able to offer even one amendment to the $10 billion, 1200-page monster bill. And on the Committee level, they’ve refused to hold a single hearing on this issue and have also avoided marking up any National Parks related bills in this Congress just to prevent the issue from coming up.

So why are they holding this vote now -- and why will the President sign it into law? Perhaps it is because Democrats are finally starting to realize that Americans strongly support the Second Amendment.

Recently, I said that this week will test whether Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration are willing to stand up to gun control groups and finally allow the House to vote on protecting gun rights on federal lands. Let’s hope they pass with flying colors.