There is a clear difference between those affected by President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaIt's Joe Biden's 2020 presidential nomination to lose Assange hit with 17 new charges, including Espionage Act violations Progressive commentator says Obama was delusional thinking he could work with Republicans MORE’s tax proposals.  First, there are tax evaders who deliberately break the law to beat the system.  Their actions are not fair to the millions of Americans who pay their taxes.  We should and we must crack down on those who consciously break the law.  The second group is made up of international companies headquartered here in the United States that provide good-paying American jobs and must be competitive on the world stage.  Adding more layers of taxation to these companies, that already pay one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world could lead to layoffs here at home and a shrinking of American businesses. At a time when our economy is struggling, we must make sure our companies have every tool they need to operate on a level playing field so they can continue to grow, expand, and provide more American jobs.  I’ve talked to a handful of Ohio companies that employ between them hundreds of thousands of people and this proposal could jeopardize thousands of Ohio jobs.

Based on various news reports that I’ve read today, it’s clear that many members recognize the difference between American companies who are operating legally in the international arena and tax evaders who purposefully break the law.  There is already bipartisan concern about some of the president’s proposals and I hope that as we move forward we can balance increased enforcement with the tools American companies need to operate on a level playing field around the world.