The current economic climate means difficult times for a lot of Americans. In my home state of Michigan, we well know the effects of economic downturn. Michigan has the nation’s highest unemployment.

The President’s announcement yesterday that he would allow Chrysler to fall into bankruptcy is an extremely severe blow to our state. The auto industry is an integral part of the state’s economy, and has a rich place in the history of Michigan and this country.

What’s perhaps most disconcerting is the Administration’s failure to acknowledge the effect of auto bankruptcy on our residents, workers, retirees, families, students, and communities which are already having a very difficult time.

Administration officials said during a conference call shortly before yesterday’s announcement that it was "a very, very good day for Chrysler." No, it’s not. Going into bankruptcy is never a good day. This is illustrative of the blind eye they are turning to the effects on the people of Michigan, and of all states where the auto industry as part of their economy.

Let’s be clear: the Administration had the authority and the ability to prevent this bankruptcy. The President's decision to put Chrysler into bankruptcy has severe ramifications for workers and retirees, and is a perilous sign for GM.

The question I have is this: now what, Mr. President? Now that you have fired the heads of GM and Chrysler, and tens of thousands of auto workers will be out of a job, now what? I have heard nothing from the President, the Auto Czar or any Administration official about what comes next.

Michigan families don't have the luxury of ignoring what comes next. They still have to put food on the table, get their kids to school and pay the mortgage.

They deserve answers.