Millionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill must be a very happy man, now that the Vermont legislature has legalized same-sex marriage. Gill is the former owner of Quark, the desktop publishing company that made him a hefty bundle before he sold it. He’s been using his millions to buy up state legislatures around the country for the past decade – and doing it without much fanfare. It is likely that his operatives were working in Vermont to make certain he had a sympathetic legislature to do his bidding.

In March, 2007, The Atlantic magazine published a revealing article entitled “They Won’t Know What Hit Them” on Tim Gill and his 50-state strategy for buying up legislatures. One of his targets was Iowa where he successfully knocked off Danny Carroll, the Republican Speaker Pro Tempore of the Iowa House of Representatives. Carroll was the victim of Gill’s stealth campaign. Carroll’s opponent began receiving dozens of checks from out of state sources. None of the checks could be identified as coming from homosexual sources or organizations, but Carroll was out-spent and defeated by these Gill-inspired checks. CBN exposed Gill’s Iowa strategy last year.

Gill is using the same strategy not only to buy up state legislatures, but U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators. The bottom line: The democratic process is being undermined by Tim Gill who is using his millions to buy legislative power. In 2006, he spent $15 million to buy politicians and won overwhelming victories in targeted races. The tragedy of all of this is that people still think we live in a democratic system where politicians will honestly debate the issues and play fair. Gill doesn’t play fair, and he appears to be winning.