Credit where credit due, even when it’s due to Change to Win, a conglomeration of labor unions. The group put out a statement Tuesday in response to Senator Specter’s announcement he would oppose the Employee Free Choice Act. It comes from Change to Win chair Anna Burger:
The Employee Free Choice Act is a vital component to restoring our economy, rebuilding the middle class and renewing the American Dream for America’s workers. Allowing workers the choice to join together, free from intimidation and harassment, to bargain for job security, better wages and health care will stimulate our economy and put working families back on the path of prosperity. We will continue to work with Democrats and Republicans, including Sen. Specter, to pass this critical legislation and make our economy work for everyone.

We disagree with the supposed facts and arguments Change to Win uses, but it’s a good, positive statement supporting something and avoiding name-calling.

And another reasonable statement from a labor front group: “Statement from American Rights at Work Executive Director Mary Beth Maxwell.

The statement from Andy Stern of the SEIU is also restrained, at least by the SEIU’s standards, but it includes a guffawable line: “That’s why we’re dismayed by those who say they support the democratic process, yet refuse to allow meaningful debate and a democratic vote on critical legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act.”

This from a guy who wants to eliminate the secret ballot so union organizers can intimidate employees into signing up for union representation against their will. A guy who wants a government official to impose contract terms on employers and EMPLOYEES through binding arbitration.


Now if you want bile and name-calling, you can always read the comments at Daily Kos.

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