The responsible way forward is not to rush through another giant bill, but for the House to prepare a short-term CR so we have time to study and debate the Omnibus on the floor. Back in January, Republicans urged the President to move the Omnibus before the Stimulus. It’s now obvious why:

The Omni contains funds for 122 programs that were already funded in the Stimulus. It also represents an 8% increase over last year’s regular appropriations, twice the rate of inflation. What all this means is that at a time when most Americans are tightening their belts, Washington is going out and buying a bigger one.

As the Junior Senator from Indiana put it this morning in an insightful Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, this bill was drafted last year, and
"Since then, economic and fiscal circumstances have changed dramatically which is why the Senate should go back to the drawing board. The economic downturn requires new policies, not more of the same."

Nobody wants an open-ended recession. But so far the only solution to the economic crisis many Democrats in Congress are offering is open-ended spending without any end in sight. And let's be clear about something: you cannot end a recession by digging the country into deeper and deeper debt any more than you can pay off a credit card by using it more often. And you can't tax your way out of a recession.

February was an expensive month for American taxpayers. In the month of February, Congress spent more money than we did in seven years on the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan and Hurricane Katrina relief -- combined.

All of this spending is reason to carefully consider and pare back this massive spending bill – particularly in these areas which contain funding for 122 programs which were already funded in the stimulus bill.

So we won’t be rushed to spend another $410 billion without the requisite review.  We need to slow down, and make sure the American people understand how we intend to spend their tax dollars. The Omnibus is a massive bill, it demands our close attention.