The nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusJerry Moran: 'I wouldn't be surprised' if Pompeo ran for Senate in Kansas Mark Halperin inks book deal 2020 Democrats fight to claim Obama's mantle on health care MORE as Secretary of Health and Human Services is another Obama appointee who says one thing and does another and has contempt for the rule of law.  Sebelius publicly professed her “personal opposition” to abortion but privately worked closely with the abortion industry and helped launder abortion industry contributions to candidates.

In an administration in which Joseph Biden, George Mitchell, Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle were cast as agents of change, this is just more of the same old stale politics as usual.  This crew probably spent more than 100 years cumulatively working in the Congress.  The only time they thought about change was when they stood in front of a Capitol Hill vending machine.

The President’s announcement of the appointment of Kathleen Sebelius as his nominee to head Health and Human Services, once again, places a person, whose rhetoric is dramatically different from her actions, in a position of power.  Like the Treasury Secretary who avoids paying taxes and others President Obama has sought to appoint, Governor Sebelius says she is “personally opposed” to abortion but manages to overcome her principles and accept large contributions from the abortion industry and also launders abortion industry contributions for other candidates.  Governor Sebelius has demonstrated contempt for the rule of law as she has worked closely with the abortion industry to thwart the intent of campaign laws to ensure transparency and full-disclosure.

In 2006, the notorious Kansas abortionist George Tiller, one of the few abortionists in America who continues to perform ghastly partial birth abortions, donated $120,000 to the Democratic Governors Association (Sebelius was the incoming president).  The DGA turned around and donated $200,000 to Bluestem Fund Political Action Committee which is Gov. Sebelius’ PAC.  Presto – Tiller money goes to Sebelius with none of his bloody fingerprints on it.

Anyone who dismisses this as a ploy common among unscrupulous politicians should remember that this is supposed to pass the “change you can believe in” standard established repeatedly in numerous long-winded Obama campaign speeches.  The Governor has looked the other way while this notorious abortionist performed illegal partial-birth abortions.

Ultimately, President Obama is responsible, and we will have to wait and see how close his soaring rhetoric is matched by performance.   He is off to a very bad start.