The so-called “stimulus” package Congress is working on right now is perhaps the biggest financial burden one generation has ever passed onto future generations, and now we’re finding out it may actually make things worse, not better. The out-of-control spending practices of the federal government got us into this mess, and the American people know we cannot borrow and spend our way back to prosperity. No country ever has, and we won’t be the exception.

These are tough times, and the American people are struggling right now. They are counting on Congress to take action to turn the economy around. They need to keep more of their hard-earned money to use how they want. Instead, the House and now the Senate have passed spending bills that will actually cost each family more than $7000. How will spending $335 million on STD prevention create jobs? What does investing $440 million in the National Treasurers have to do with stimulating the economy? These both may have merit of federal funding, but they won’t stimulate the economy. My constituents in Kansas know far better than Washington politicians how use their money.

Republicans lost because they lost their way on spending. Americans couldn’t tell a difference between the parties. After looking this “stimulus” package, I am sure that difference is clear again. A true stimulus package should include a balance of tax relief and targeted spending. I supported and continue to fight for a common-sense alternative stimulus package. Even President Obama’s economic advisors said it would cost less and create more jobs. As the House and Senate works to reconcile the differences between the bills, I hope the conferees take a common-sense approach. Our children and grandchildren should not have to pay for these mistakes.