The EPA's recent decision to tighten smog standards from .08 parts per million to .075 parts per million has caused concern from virtually all stakeholders. Many businesses and industry groups believe the change will raise costs and hamper our economy, while EPA’s own scientific advisory committee and health-based organizations recommend a lower ozone standard. The City of Houston and Harris County already has difficulty meeting the current standard and will continue to face hardships meeting more stringent regulations. Fortunately, our local industry and governments are working together toward cleaner air solutions for the health of our communities.

Most atmospheric pollution is attributable to mobile sources like cars, trucks and airplanes rather than stationary sources like manufacturing plants. Because pollution from vehicles is a national problem, we must utilize all national resources to assist areas across the country with ozone contamination, particularly communities facing exploding population growth. The federal government must work cooperatively with local governments so they can attain ozone standards and improve air quality for our children and grandchildren.