Yesterday’s budget is an insult to the hard-working individuals and families in America.  During difficult economic times when Americans are tightening their belts to pay their bills, the majority party wants to pin new taxes on their already cash-strapped backs.  It’s outrageous to ask Americans to work harder to pay for more unnecessary Washington spending.  In Texas’ 26th District alone, the Democrats’ fiscally irresponsible budget would raise taxes, on average, by more than $3,000 per taxpayer.

I am also greatly concerned with the massive $283 billion spending increase called for in the Democrats’ budget.  Spending ourselves silly is not what people sent us here to do.  Americans expect more and they deserve better than short-term spending that disregards long-term concerns.  And we can’t ignore the blatant disregard of the coming crisis in our entitlement programs.  We clearly need major reform of the out of control and unsustainable entitlement spending.  Our country continues to benefit from hard working Texas taxpayers.  Unfortunately, these same people are shouldering a disproportionate share of entitlement spending while receiving less than our share of any benefits. This needs to change.